What is smartMECUM?

5 Mar

SmartMecum is an application that provides access in Android to drug information approved by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, to its brand names, its clinical, pharmacological, pharmaceutical data, actives, laboratories, etc.



  • - Drug List (over 15,000).
  • - List of Actives.
  • - List of Laboratories.
  • - Favorite List.
  • - Advanced search on any previous list.
  • - For each pharmaceutical product, the application provides the laboratory, its active ingredients, indications, dosage, contraindications and interactions, warnings, adverse reactions, pharmacological, pharmaceutical data, date of approval, among other data.
  • - Possibility of sending the data of the drug by email.
  • - Download in PDF format, when available, the prospectus or fact sheet from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products, or the European Medicines Agency.
  • - Feedback Form.